Which Carrom Board Is Best

Electronic handheld games, video games, as well as computer software, have been dominating the market lately. Every home seems to be shunning board games, and there are many more contemporary board games than classics like carrom board, chess, and Ludo. A lot of people don’t realize how essential board games are to the development of young children.
So for that, we bring an answer to your question Which Carrom Board Is Best?

Introduction to Carrom Boards:

Which Carrom Board Is Best? It is a rare question that we listen to every day. Your child’s mind would be more active and healthy if they played old board games, especially carrom boards. Having a carrom board around for entertainment and bringing friends and family together through cooperative or competitive play can be a lot of fun.
In this way, it goes well beyond being just entertainment. Several aspects of this game have a positive impact on health, which applies to all age groups.

Types of best Carrom Boards:

Here are 11 carrom boards made by some of the best companies. This list contains some of the best carrom boards being manufactured and tells you Which Carrom Board To Buy. And they offer International Carrom Board Size.

• Synco Champion Carrom Board
• GSI Carrom Boards
• Siscaa Carrom Boards
• Surco Carrom Board
• Vinex Carrom Boards-
• Suzuki Carrom boards-
• Uber Carrom Board
• JD Sports Carrom Board
• Virloc Carrom Brand
• Precise Carrom Boards
• Korners Sky Carrom Boards
• Stag Carrom Boards

Synco Champion Carrom Board:

The Synco champion is a premium carrom board that is intended for players at the highest level. One of India’s most popular brands of carrom boards and gears is Synco. For all sorts of tournaments and championships, Synco’s products are highly recommended for all professionals in this field.

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Five years ago, this brand gained eminence for its outstanding products used for all types of national and state tournaments. Furthermore, Synco’s carrom products are essential to professional players for a number of reasons. Because of their deep pockets, they can hold a lot of coins at once without causing a problem to the players while playing.

GSI Carrom Boards:

With its smooth playing surface and outstanding rebounding abilities, this carrom board is a popular choice. In order to improve the flatness of the board and prevent warping, GSI has reinforced it. GSI is a renowned sports brand that caters to sports, and any game needs that you may have.

Playing carrom with friends and family is pure fun for all ages on GSI carrom boards. Assam plywood and hardwood (Kikar) make these boards; carrom is the most popular indoor/outdoor game. You can choose GSI carrom boards without a doubt, as they offer the best quality at the lowest prices. You can expect long-lasting durability and high value for money from these boards.

Siscaa Carrom Boards:

Carrom federations have also approved Siscaa as one of the most famous brands in the industry. It has been used by many players throughout the world, and they have always given positive feedback about it. Furthermore, they make sure all of their products are fitted and finished to perfection. And they are known as Professional Carrom Board Size.

These carrom boards are waterproof and scratch-proof, so you won’t have to worry about them getting damaged. In many cases, water and juice spills make carrom boards bloated, making them unplayable. You may have to change the entire board if it is impossible to change the playing surface, which is usually very costly. The best boards to use in these situations are Siscaa boards.

Surco Carrom Board:

Trust is the hallmark of this brand. Hence, you are assured of buying a durable and reliable product when you buy a product from this brand. Carrom matches played internationally are primarily played on Surco Carrom Boards. Among the top producers of high-quality carrom boards, Groove is the leading brand.

A recommendation for Surco comes from the International Carrom Federation and the All-Indian Carrom Federation as well. All ages 12 and up can enjoy playing its boards, and in Surco, Bulldogs, and Jumbos are popular.

Vinex Carrom Boards:

This company is a top manufacturer of carrom boards in India. Further, they deliver their products worldwide. Moreover, these companies are known for producing premium quality sports gear and equipment. Vinex was founded in 1957 and has grown into a global business that delivers high-quality products.

Its excellent design, low prices, and smooth texture make its professional carrom boards and powders popular among players.

Suzuki Carrom boards:

Besides producing high-quality carrom boards, Suzuki is also a leading manufacturer. These boards can be used for both casual games and tournaments. In addition to the wheeled stand, they have released the championship model.

Furthermore, there is a complimentary set of coins and a striker, as well as brown and black colored borders. The coin holder and striker should always be kept in a small pouch when purchasing any carrom board.


Carrom boards are made by this company, which is exceptionally renowned. Compared to the regular ones, which offer 9 whites, 9 blacks, and 1 red, this one provides 11 whites, 11 blacks, and 2 reds. Their cost-effectiveness and modern design make them a great choice. Further, this is the best Carrom Board Size For Adults.

Getting this board won’t cost you a lot of money; it is very inexpensive. Carrom boards from Uber are made from premium plywood. And they come shiny coins with a smooth striker. The portable kit box comes with these boards so that you can keep the powder bottle, striker, and coins in it.

JD Sports:

A leading manufacturer of carrom boards is JD Sports. The company manufactures various models of carrom board, including wooden and ich boards. Additionally, young children can play with JD’s boards as well.

JD offers products in different sizes, such as 32-inches, 42-inches, and 52-inches. Depending on the size and model, they cost differently.

Virloc Carrom Brand:

Sports equipment is offered by Virloc, an Israeli brand based in Israel. Players can enjoy a smooth surface and a better playing environment with Virloc Carrom boards made with high-quality material developed with manual skill.

In addition to teaching problem-solving skills to kids, carrom also helps them develop their cognitive abilities. You do not have to buy a carrom board again and again if you choose the best brand. To play it both indoors and outdoors, you should always buy a scratch-free and waterproof one.

Precise Carrom Boards:

Good quality boards are made by this brand. This carrom board is made from English birch plywood. Your choice also plays a role. There are seven different models available, including Superb, Jumbo, Bulldog, Monitor, Amateur, Excel, and Champion. The models are unique in their own way.

Further, there are several different versions of this brand available. There have also been matches played using precise carrom boards. Additionally, its boards are available in various thicknesses; thicker boards are more expensive. Precision boards have a rebound, making them very useful.

Korners Sky Carrom Boards:

Carrom boards are the only thing this band sells. Established in 1974, the company offers the best prices on excellent quality carrom boards. Sizes range from small to large, and the smooth surface of the Corners Sky boards provides excellent play and rebound.
Moreover, it is a fun game to play with your friends and family with this carrom board. The quality and price of these boards are unparalleled.

Stag Carrom Boards:

A lot of people buy its carrom boards. In addition, stag boards are made from high-quality materials and are very cost-efficient. Its variants of carrom boards are ideal for playing both casually and in a club. Besides coins, stands, and powder, Stag also sells carrom gears. One of its most famous models is the championship model. They come in Standard Carrom Board Size.