How To Play Carrom Board

Carrom, or also known as Karrom. It is a game that is popular in both Middle East and the subcontinent. Further, this game was originated from the subcontinent. Here is this article we are going to discuss How To Play Carrom Board game.

Moreover, this game falls under the arcade games, and it is similar to that of playing billiard. Besides, this game is highly portable and can quickly be taken to anywhere you want. The number of players that can play the game at the same time is four.

Although an international regulatory body and several major national bodies exist, there are a considerable number of variations in the ruler. And it depends upon the situation, even these have varying rules. It is positioned around 60-80 centimeters above the ground, letting everyone position themselves.

There are many markings on a wooden board which is large in size and rectangular in shape, called a Carrom board. Before you begin setting up the game, you should understand the meaning and the purpose of setting up your carom board of the markings. In addition, to play carrom effectively, you must be familiar with the board.

How To Play Carrom For Beginners

Carrom Board is considered to be a challenging game for beginners in the first place. But with proper guidance and proper attention towards the details of the game. Beginner players can quickly become pro-level players for playing this game.

And with that, the answer to How To Play Carrom Board is completed for you. Here are a few points that the newbies must consider while playing the game for the first time.

The first thing the beginners need is to understand the gaming concept. The dimensions of Carrom and the symbols that are imprinted on it. Further, there are 9 goats for carom board in white and black colors. Also, there is a red color goat that is called the queen. Moreover, a striker is required by the players to draw these goats into the side pockets on every side of the board.

Despite the smooth texture of the white and black pieces called the goats, they resemble the wooden pieces or goats used in the checkers game. In addition, each round of carrom board consists of a striker, which is used to strike these pieces into the pockets of the board.

Each player takes a turn playing, and one or more strikes are made during each turn. When a player reaches the end of the game, they must have pocketed all of the chosen color pieces. Furthermore, the queen must be covered before either player can win. As soon as a player pockets her queen, they must immediately pocket one of her own pieces.

If that does not happen, the queen is returned to the board if pocketed but not covered. A player who wins and covers the queen is awarded bonus points, so both players usually try to cover the queen. Therefore, each of the players sits on either side of the board, and they are allowed to strike the goats once they have their turn.

It is considered a tradition that the players playing with white goats will break the board with the first turn. Or it can be decided with the help of a toss. Further, if a player puts the goat into the pocket, their turn continues till they stop putting the goats into the pocket of the carrom board.

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Carrom Board Arrow Rules:

Although there is a lot of rule for playing this game. But the most essential rule for playing carrom board arrow rules. This rule consists of a term for placing the striker on the baselines of each corner. Moreover, if the striker was released without touching the baselines, it is considered a foul. And it is an option or permissible that the striker may not touch the diagonal arrow line of each corner.

How To Play Carrom Pools:

How To Play Carrom Board Pools or the matches being contested among different players of the game. Further, during the game, the player who pockets his color goats wins the game and does not forget to cover the queen as well. In addition to this, the player wins the game and takes home the bounty or the prize for winning such a game.

Carrom Board Tips And Tricks:

How To Play Carrom Board Tips And Tricks that help the players and beginners get to know the game. Carrom Board Game Tips includes using unique strikers and powers that allow the players to enjoy the gameplay. Using these techniques, the players can boost their game whenever it comes to getting in competition with other players.

The below-mentioned heading consists of tricks and tips that might help you better play this wonderful game.

Freestyle game:

Each game mode has its own rules, whether playing disc pool, carrom, or freestyle. Beginners should try freestyle mode first in order to understand more about how the game works. And it is possible to use either a black or white puck in this mode, as players need to reach 120 points. But by practicing different shots and strategies, new players have a more accessible time learning.

Avoid fouls:

A foul would be committed if your striker got stuck in a pocket. But as a consequence, you will not only lose any goats you pocketed in that strike, but you will also lose the last goats you had. Further, if this happens to you, you could lose a game you were winning. Make sure this does not happen to you.

Paris Lobby:

The entry fee for each match in a lobby must be paid by players, and the problem is, most new players do not have much money to pay for these lobbies. For this reason, the Paris lobby is recommended, as are not only entry fees low but also many players of similar skill levels.

Carrom Rules for Queen

However, it is crucial to know the correct strategy to go after a queen since it can turn the game around. When it is certain that the puck will be pocketed on the next strike, players should aim for the queen only. Players should be on the lookout to pocket both whenever the puck and the queen are within reach.