Carrom Pool Premium Pass Mod APK

Carrom Pool is a kind of board game that falls under the category of multiplayer games to let you enjoy it with your favorite players or friends. The only way to win this game is to put all the pieces in holes before your competitor does. This game comes with many unique attributes; the one very innovative idea is the introduction of premium passes.

These premium passes could be unlocked by spending the collected coins or even you can spend real money to get them. But who wants to spend this much? That’s why we are now providing Carrom Pool Mod APK Premium Passes for free!

App NameCarrom Pool Premium Pass Mod APK
Application CategoryGames
Application Sub CategorySports
Operating SystemAndroid 4.4 and above
Mod IncludesUnlimited Pass Features & Strikers
Versionv 5.4.3
Size65.03 MB
PublisherMiniclip SA
Rating 4.2
Rating Count35,97,453
Last UpdateDecember 31, 2021

What are Premium Passes in Carrom Pool?

On the moral high ground, premium passes are a kind of award that you can unlock by spending money. This money could be your collected money in the game or you can pay real money to get the best deals. But what’s the benefit of getting premium passes?

Well, you can unlock many high-end rewards which you won’t get anywhere else in the game. And the good thing is that you might be able to collect more money than you spent in unlocking the premium passes.

Types of Premium Passes:

You can get different types of awards in Carrom Pool Mod APK Premium Passes. Some types of Premium Passes are listed below.

  • Avatar
  • Master Chest
  • Bronze Chest
  • Golden Chest
  • Grand Master Chest
  • Silver Chest
  • Lucky Shot
  • Golden Shot
  • Emoji
carrom pool mod apk premium pass

Unlocked Rewards:

On opening up the premium passes, you can get the following rewards. Keep in mind that each premium pass can bring one or up to six rewards in each pack. Let’s discuss what you can get from the premium passes. Check the carrom disc pool rank list of items that you can get.

  • Coins
  • Gems
  • Vervain
  • Sniper
  • Oscar Standard
  • Aqua
  • Zen
  • Sakura Rare
  • Swathe Rare
  • Iris Standard
  • Arjun Rare
  • Enchant
  • Hypnotica
  • Cane Rare
  • Taj Standard
  • Aqua Epic
  • Daisy Legendary
  • S.T.A.R Standard
  • Sunshine Standard
  • Sapphire Rare
  • Zen Standard
  • Milo Standard
  • Moon Epic
  • Shahan Shah Standard
  • Arjun Standard
  • Neon Epic
  • Wings Legendary
  • Hound Standard
  • Oscar Standard
  • Vega Standard
  • Trant Epic
  • Dragon Star Epic
  • Umbrella Epic
  • Lucky Charm Epic

This is the list to give you an idea about what you can get from Premium Passes of Carrom Pool. Unquestionably, you can also get many more unlocked items are rewards. Just look at the listed items to get an idea about what you’re going to get from premium passes upon spending some money in buying them.

Carrom pool premium pass

How to Get Premium Passes in Carrom Pool?

If you just started the game or don’t know how to get premium passes in Carrom Pool for free, then stick with us to know about this. Here are simple steps that can help you to easily get premium passes for free.

• The very first thing you need to find is “Carrom Pool Premium Pass Mod APK Download” which you can find in this guide.

• Get that MODDED APK to unlock all the amazing features related to Premium Passes.

• Now visit the Downloaded Carrom Pool Premium Pass Mod APK file and open it to complete installation.

• Upon successful installation, open the game to start with amazing gameplay.

• On the home screen, you will see lots of options to navigate. All you need to do is to click on the “Coins” tab and collect coins. As this is MODDED APK, so you can get unlimited coins.

• Now click on the “Carrom Pool Passes” button. There you will get both standard and premium passes. The free standard passes are available for everyone but you can’t open more than 2 passes at a time.

• With this MODDED version, you can now open the premium passes for free. All you need to do is to spend coins that are already unlimited. Looks amazing?

• The good thing is that now you can open as many Carrom pool premium passes as you wish and can collect handsome awards.

Benefits of Getting Free Carrom Pool Premium Passes:

On the moral high ground, there are not any countable benefits of getting premium passes for free. But we can discuss some of them so that you can get a rough idea of your upcoming achievements.

Legendary Strikers:

The premium passes bring many kinds of legendary strikers to do the right trick for you. These strikers could be used to get a good mark on the carrom pool board. Some of the legendary strikers are:

• Lucky Charm
• Vega
• Blaze
• Violet
• Special
• Cane
• Rubby
• Bali

Now finding the legendry striker with a premium membership is made easy. Stunningly, you can unlock your favorite striker that can make the gameplay more interesting and involving.

Higher Rank:

The major reason for unlocking the premium passes is to get a higher-rank leader board. As the premium passes bring unmatched stickers, powers, and pucks, so you can use them to boost your gaming skills. In the original game version, you won’t be able to unlock too many premium passes as it requires handsome money. But now you can get a higher rank on the leader board with carrom pool mod APK premium.

Speedy Gameplay

The key to winning the Carrom Pool game lies in the way you proceed. If you remain able to quickly play the game and drop all the relevant discs in the holes, then you will win. Do you know how to win carrom easily? Well, besides using the Carrom tips and tricks, speedy gameplay can help you to win with a greater lead. And this all can be made possible by using the powers, strikers, and pucks rewarded by premium passes.


The size of this game varies for different types of versions. If you are going to install the original game version from the play store, you can manage in a space of under 40 MBs. And for the MODDED files, you might need higher space on your device.

The playing style varies from person to person. But the most authenticated and ruled way is to play it with the middle finger of your hand. And you have to play it in the perpendicular direction to the board. This style can suit you best even when the carrom men fully surround the striker.

Final Thoughts:

Keeping the long story short, premium passes are a great way to unlock your favorite things which you can’t get anywhere in the game. These premium passes can provide you with high-end strikers, powers, and pucks to play excellently and to enjoy more. But in the original game version, you might not be able to get access to premium passes without spending money. And that’s big deal.

Don’t worry, as now you can enjoy Carrom pool mod APK premium passes for free. All you need to do is to download the provided MODDED game file to unlock the biggest adventure!

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