What Is Carrom Board

Many people who don’t know Carrom board ask a question What Is Carrom Game?

Carrom boards are square, flat wooden boards that are 72 centimeters or 74 centimeters in size. It is located around 60-70 cm above the ground, the TV should be positioned 60 – 70 cm away from the ground. Further, a 51mm diameter circular hole is in each corner, beneath which is a net. This is similar to a snooker table, and the pieces are caught.

Carrom Board History

Carrom Board Origin:

The 18th century is thought to be the time of the origin of Carrom, a popular indoor game. Throughout the subcontinent, it is widely played. You must have a good sense of angles as well as high concentration and precision to play Carrom. In the past, it was played mainly by girls and women for fun. Further, the game has now been organized in an organized way at the competitive level.


The striker is made from hard plastic during the game, and the board is polished plywood squares. Carrom strikers are small wooden pieces in the shape of small circles. To play Carrom, you need to flick your finger at the striker to activate it. Any of the four corner pockets may be used to drive the carrommen.
Carrom pieces and the queen need to be pocketed before the opponent. The goal is to score as many points as possible. And you should continue reading to learn more about the laws of this game.

Team Size:

Carrom is usually played as either singles or a doubles game in the men’s and women’s categories. This is one of the few games on which you can use doubles. And the mixed doubles team does not exist in indoor games. If you play a game, you can only have two players per team. Major tournaments or championships are held throughout the world, with teams representing several countries.

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Carrom Board playing countries:

Originating in India, Carrom was easily accessible and learned by neighboring countries. The best Carrom players are from Asian countries, and they have dominated the game over the years. Moreover, these countries mentioned below hold their own Carrom Confederation bodies. All of these confederations are governed by the Asian Carrom Federation, and every year, it organizes SAARC countries’ carrom championships.
Here is the list of countries where people still like to play Carrom board.

• India
• Sri Lanka
• Japan
• Korea
• Singapore
• Bangladesh
• Maldives
• Nepal
• Malaysia
• Pakistan

Countries other than SAARC:

In Europe, the following countries have their own Carron board Confederation bodies. Further, in these countries, all activities related to Carrom are coordinated by the European Carrom Confederation. Every year, rolling championships are also held.

• France
• Germany
• UK
• Greece
• Italy
• Spain
• Switzerland

North America, such as the United States of America, Japan, and Australia, also like the game. The United States Carrom Association organizes local tournaments to gather the best talent in coordination with state bodies.

Gameplay for Carrom Board:


There is a decorated circle in the center on the board, lines on the four sides, and four rows of numbers. Four corners of the net are marked with arrows pointing towards the holes. Every baseline ends with a circle called a base circle. And at the center, a striker strikes the pucks placed inside the circle.
There are typically 8 mm of thickness and a completely smooth surface on a carrom board made of plywood. A wooden frame surrounds the playing surface; this frame rises from 1.90 cm to 2.54 cm above the playing surface. There is a wide range of frames to choose from, with widths between 6.35 cm and 7.60 cm.
There are four arrows at each corner of every carrom board, as you see in the above picture. Red is the color of the Center Circle located precisely in the center of the board. Carrom strikers are arranged within the outer circle, which surrounds the center circle.


Depending on who will be using it, carrom boards come in different sizes. Plastic is also sometimes used for them. As far as professional gaming events are concerned, the boards are all of the exact sizes. Here’s an image to illustrate what I mean. A standard carrom board is shown in its exact dimensions.

Equipment Used For Playing Carrom Board:

Typically, when a carrom Board game is on, one would also notice the following equipment.


There are three primary colors of Carrommen: black, white, and red. Carrom strikers are played on a board with nine black, nine white, and a red (queen) set the stage for pucks.


The carrom pieces can be struck with this circular piece, typically made of plastic. Strikers are larger in size than carrom goats.


On the bottom of the Carrom board, nets are fixed to cover every corner hole.


There is a question that comes to everyone’s mind that What Is Carrom Powder Made Of? And the answer to this question comes here. With the striker, players flick and pocket the carrommen smoothly by spraying a special powder made of boric acid on the board.


In order for the game to be played comfortably, the board is placed on a stand, so the players do not have to bend their backs too much.


To ensure the powder doesn’t stick to the board. There is a light that is hung over the board for better visibility.

Popular Terms In Carrom Board

Prior to playing Carrom, make sure you understand these terms. Further, these Carrom Board Techniques would allow you to understand the game better.


Initially, the game board is centered with a red-colored puck.


A player who strikes the ball in the wrong direction commits a foul. This person must miss one pocket and is penalized one carromman.


When a piece of glass strikes the board for the first time, it is called a break.


It is called a push when the board suddenly jerks while playing. A foul is committed.


An indirect or direct hit by a striker on the goats.


An offense involving the player placing the carrom pieces in the center after committing a foul.


When a player violates the laws of Carrom, it is considered a penalty.


As cover for the queen, a puck is pocketed.


Thumbing is the act of striking with the thumb.

White slam:

Pocketing the first strike of any white carrommen, with or without a queen.

Black slam:

By this, we mean pocketing all-black goats, no matter if they have queens or not.

In order for the game to be played comfortably, the board is placed on a stand, so the players do not have to bend their backs too much.


The powder of Carrom Board is a special powder that is made of boric acid on the board. Further, this powder plays a vital role in playing the game smoothly and effectively.

B Bangaru Babu is a Veteran administrator and the most famous carrom Board player. He is the one who served this game for decades. Further, he is regarded as the Father of Carrom.

As a spin bowling delivery, the carrom ball is used in cricket. A bent middle finger and a thumb are used to flick the ball between them in order to release it.