Carrom Pool Mod APK

Carrom Pool Mod APK is a multi-player, fun game that’s very popular among youngsters all over the world. It comes in two different modes to play, classic mode and disc pool mode to introduce exciting matchups. As you’ll be dealing with tiles, so try to utilize them in a way to make appropriate leads. In this carrom apk MODDED version, you will be provided with many unlocked features. So, now you can better challenge your friends to show them your worth!

App NameCarrom Pool MOD APK
Sub CategorySports
PublisherMiniclip SA
Size65.03 MB
Latest Versionv 5.4.4
Operating SystemANDROID 4.4 and above
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UpdatedJanuary 15, 2022
RatingCount 3,587,334
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Main Features:

To get your act together, the Carrom Pool game comes with lots of stunning features which have the heart of users. This game is getting millions of downloads based on its high-end features. Let’s discuss what you’re going to get.

Size Efficient:

The most amazing feature of this game is its small size which means you won’t need too much space to download it. Hence, almost all android holders can easily download it in one go. Many other available games are too heavy that you either need to delete the existing apps or change the device to play them well.

Perfect Strategy:

This game involves an excellent amount of strategy and the good thing is that you can build your strategy. So, you can enjoy the gameplay in your own way and can get additional benefits by using smart tricks learned from your experience.

Multiple Rewards:

Unlike many other games, you will get many different rewards upon successful completion of each game round. And on each turn, you will receive a different set of rewards that keep you motivated and curious about the next ones. In this way, this game becomes more involving.

Excellent Discipline:

We loved this game carrom apk due to its disciplined gameplay that everything is well organized and no mess will be created during the whole playtime. You and your opponents have to stay at the exact positions and need to complete the game without moving here or there. Moreover, every player tries to make moves in a disciplined way, so you will get every component well-organized.

Play with Friends:

This game is attracting millions of users from all over the world due to this amazing feature which allows you to play it with your friends. So, now you can bring your favorite players to the carrom board game and can show them your tricks and skills.

carrom pool mod apk

Chat with Others:

Rooted in, this is a trendy feature of advanced games and almost all people love it. Firstly, the Carrom Board Pool Mod APK wasn’t providing online chatting during the game play. But now after getting too many requests from the players, it allows you to communicate with opponents to enjoy more.

Different Game Modes:

To not let you feel bored, this game comes with two different modes and the player can switch to any mode according to his preferences. You are allowed to play in Carrom or Disc Pool mode and both modes differ based on the number of troops available on the board.

Carrom Pool Mod APK

What’s New?

Finally, the wait is over and you’re about to download the Carrom Pool Pro Mod APK. As you’re going to get this MODDED version to unlock the desired features which you aren’t getting in the original version. So, you must know that what amazing features we have added to this game to let you take good mileage out of it. Here are the newly added features:

Unlimited Coins:

To tread carefully, coins are the main currency in this game. If you want to enjoy your game differently, you can use the coins to buy new skins and carrom pieces. But earning the coins isn’t that easy in the original version of this game. So, we decided to provide you Carrom Pool Mod APK Unlimited Coins to boost your gaming experience.

Unlimited Gems:

Gems are the second most important currency in the Carom Pool and they can assist you in unlocking many stunning features to enjoy better. You can earn gems by completing the game’s rounds, but it will take you ages to collect ample gems to unlock your favorite skins and Carrom men. But don’t worry; you can take advantage of our provided Carrom Pool Mod APK Unlimited Gems.

Play Offline:

Grounded in fact, the online play of Carrompool lets you play with your friends and earn more rewards by sharing your gameplay tricks with others. So, you will feel like playing with your friends in a room. But most people don’t have a stable internet connection in all places, so for them playing online might be tiring. On the repeated demand of our users, we have MODDED this game in a way that you can now play Carrom Pool Mod APK Offline.


The original version of Carrom Pool has an ad system which is quite beneficial for the players as on watching each ad you’ll get more coins. But as in this caroom pool MODDED version, you will be having everything in an unlimited amount, so you might feel that ads are disturbing you in the involving gameplay. So, we are now proving ads-free Carrom Pool Mod APK to let you enjoy with less distraction.

How to Play Carrom Pool Mod APK?

Out in the open, the gameplay of Carom Pool is quite attractive, tricky, and engaging. The key is to understand each component of the game before giving it a go. Here, we will discuss the gameplay features and useful tricks to play it perfectly. Before embarking on the gameplay, let’s discuss the name and usage of each game component.

Learn About Pieces:

You will be encountering 9 white pieces, 9 black pieces, and one red piece in the Carrompool, in addition to special pieces called “striker pieces”. The red piece is called the queen which can be pocketed any time after grabbing the first piece. Stunningly, the red piece gives you additional points.
One player must have all black pieces and the other with all-white pieces along with one striker piece in the hand of both players.


  • The first thing you need to deal with is the striker which is a heavier piece and you have to use it to hit your pieces into the pockets.
  • The first player needs to break the circle in the middle by performing the first shot with the striker.
  • If you remain unable to pocket the piece in the first shot, you can take more turns till you pocket a piece.
  • Only after pocketing at least one piece, you will be able to pocket the queen.
  • Don’t forget to return the striker to the rectangle before taking a new shot. Remember, you can shoot the striker only from within your rectangular boundary.
  • The game won’t end with the queen on the board; it must be pocketed by any of the players to conclude the round.

How to Download and Install Carrom Pool Mod APK ?

After knowing about the features of Carrom Pool Best Mod APK, you’re ready to download this game on your device. So, you must know that how to download and install it. If you have been downloading APKs from our site, then simply skip this part and jump to the download button. But if you’re new here, try to follow the mentioned steps to accomplish the swift installation process.

The game won’t end with the queen on the board; it must be pocketed by any of the players to conclude the round.

First of all, go to the “Carrom Pool Best Mod APK Download” button and click on it.

If you are about to download an APK for the first time, it will ask you to enable “Downloading from an Unknown Source”. Go to the settings and turn on this option.

Eventually, the downloading will be completed, and the speed to download will entirely depend on the available space on your device and the strength of the internet connection.

After the completion of the downloading process, go to the file manager of your device and open the “Carrom Pool Mod APK File”.

Here, you will find an “Install” button, click on to complete the installation.

Open the game, and you’re ready to go!


On the clear ground, the Carom Pool is played using the wooden or plastic disks known as “Carron Men” which are sometimes abbreviated as “CM”. They are actually carved with a smooth surface that can easily be slid when struck with a Striker.

Rooted in, each Caroom pool Coin is worth one point and the winner will also be awarded additional points equivalent to the opponent’s pieces left on the board. And the player who remains able to smartly cover the queen will be awarded additional 5 points. Overall, this game has a total of 29 points to earn and win.

Final Verdict:

On the final note, Carrom Pool Mod APK is a strategy fun game that allows you to come up with your techniques to play and win in your style. You can earn points by making perfect moves and can purchase items from the game store by spending money and other currencies. But you need to collect all the things on your own in the original game, which isn’t that easy.

So, we MODDED this game in a way to equip you with unlimited coins, gems, cash, and much more unlocked features to let you play it with greater ease. Give it a go-to purely to enjoy every game movement. So download the carrom board game and enjoy unlimited everything.