How To Make Carrom Board

Carrom board is a game that is played with friends and family members. Further, it provides advantages of playing Carrom. Also, it gives the ability to allow parents and children to spend some quality time together. A good bonding experience is also created while playing the carrom board between families.

All family members have the chance to relax and refresh themselves. Logical reasoning skills are enhanced in children. At the same time, while playing, you have fun. As well as counting, children can practice reading, visual perception, and eye-hand coordination.

Carrom Board How To Play

Carrom has consistently been a favorite game for people of all ages to play with their friends and family. The magic carrom board game provides players with plenty of entertainment, excitement, and fun. Further, many people want to be skilled at this game to show off their abilities. Nowadays, you can play 3D carrom games online or play app versions of carrom boards.

The following list contains several tricks shots played in the carrom game that you can learn if you are also a fan of the game.

Side Shot

Displacement shots are similar to this shot. You need to move to avoid pocketing your opponent’s carrom man. As a result of the player’s foresight, this shot was successful. Some people are fortunate enough to get their carrom man pocketed in the side shot.

Middle Shot:

Some players may not be able to play this shot correctly. Both of the carrom coins must be hit at the same time. Their movements get reversed, and they get pocketed. One turn can earn you points for two pockets if you are successful.

In the early stages of the game, the shot is usually successful due to the close proximity of the carrom men. A better shot using the vertical view is important in the Carrom 3d online game.

Cut and Take:

Taking this shot is the masterstroke of playing carrom board. As it pockets a carrom coin from the right side as well as from the left. Further, it moves the other carrom coins in such a way as to put you in a situation that makes sense in the following turn. And ready for the next shot, this shot serves as a kind of foundation.


Doubles players will find this helpful trick. In this shot, your partner’s next move is based on the base you formed earlier. Your job is simply to move your carrom man to a position advantageous to your partner. This is a neat trick to increase your score quickly.

Second Hit:

It is a fun and challenging shot. All you need is to hit these carrom coins so that you can hit another one, and so on. By so doing, both men or one of them will be pocketed. There is a variation of this trick that involves executing the men in a certain way.

Board Shot:

Connoisseurs will enjoy this shot. The striker must travel across the entire board in order to master this shot in carrom games. Further, your aim should be to hit the board so that the striker hits all three walls and then pockets the carrom man. Carrom is a stroke that takes a lot of practice, both online and offline.

Cut Shot:

After an opponent fouls, this shot is the most common. A carrom man is pulled into a pocket opposite to the striker in the center of the board. Moreover, to place the carrom man in the opposite pocket, you make a diagonal hit to the striker.

Back Shot:

Carrom board games feature this shot as the most stylish one. In addition, this trick is all about making sure you get a carrom man right next to your striker in the pocket. The striker should be hit hard enough to strike the front wall, then return back in the pocket, hitting the carrom man.

Some Useful Tricks To Master

Mental Attitude:

It is unclear where this game came from. Asians like to play it with their families and friends. There are few rules in this fun game. The early rules were handed down orally since there were no written ones. It’s essential to play games to enjoy them. Competition creeps into these games, as with any other.

Your goal in playing the game is to show other players you’re better than them. Losers lose interest in the game, however, if they’re always losers. You should bend the rules, but not to your advantage if you are playing someone who is a beginner and not very good.

Ensure that they understand the rules so that they can play by them in a typical game. Ideally, you can remove some pieces after the break so that they have to get five elements in the pockets instead of nine, lowering the number as they improve.


The striker can be flicked with one of the fingers in several ways. Choose which method works for you best and try it out. You may find that switching your style can help you be more accurate later on. You should keep in mind two things no matter what method you use.

Start by stabilizing your striking hand by placing your palm on the board. Alternatively, the thumb, as well as non-striking fingers, can be used. To prevent the striker from being pushed, flick the ball rather than push it.

As well, make sure to touch the striker with your striking finger if at all possible. As a result, the striker is propelled without causing injury to the finger. The nail on your finger will hit the striker if your finger is far away from the striker, causing pain.

Right direction and speed:

You will not be able to hit the pocket if you flick your striker too gently. In order for the piece to fall in, you must hit it hard enough so that it bounces around the pocket and not drop into it. Here’s an exercise that will help you determine if your striker is flicked with the proper force.

You should place the striker along your baseline and flick it so that it returns to rest against the opposing frame. If you are shooting straight ahead, this is sufficient. You will need more force if you are shooting cut shots. Depending on the angle, you may need more force. This will be determined by trial and error.

Hitting the striker:

A straight path would mean you were pocketing pieces. And this is the right place to strike and hit the pocket. Further, a piece should be placed just outside the areas for direct straight shots, which are formed by two imaginary triangles. Take your Blu-Tack and cut a piece of string with a diameter that matches the center of your pocket.

It will not reach the bottom of your pocket. With the string between the striker and the piece, cut the striker’s diameter and the piece. At this point, the striker must be coming from your baseline at an angle and hitting the piece. These are called cuts.


The answer to this question is simple by sprinkling boric powder onto the surface of your carrom board you can make it smooth.

By putting it in the center, each player who is playing the game sits on either side of the carrom board.

Cleaning a carrom board is very easy. Use a dry cloth and gently rub the surface of the board. And after cleaning, sprinkle boric powder.

An ideal carrom smoothening tool is silicone spray. Dance powder and potato starch powder are two alternatives for those looking for powders. Further, the surface smoothening of their carrom board is effective and harmless.