Carrom Board Price In India


Carrom board is one of the most famous games of the decade. Players who wish to buy the Best Carrom Board In India can buy it online as there are many carrom board brands in India. When it comes to purchasing these carrom boards online. You have the option of seeing the price tag for Carrom Board Price In India Flipkart. And this is the only source for Carrom Board Online Price. Also, this site gives you the best analysis for Carrom Board Cost Online.

Moreover, the most famous spot for purchasing Glass Carrom Board, or simple carrom boards, is RK Unique Sports. However, the sports are for all age groups, but the carom board is pure fun with friends and even family members. The Carrom board has made of Assam Plywood and hardwood known as kikar. Therefore, it is the best indoor game.

In addition, the Carrom Board Rate is different in different parts of India. You can have Carrom Board Price In Kolkata, which differs from the Carrom Board Cost In Chennai. On the other hand, the perfect carrom boards are manufactured in India. They are known as the Best Carrom Board In Bangalore.

The game enhances the logical reasoning power in the players. Therefore, the players have fun and practice skills such as visual perception, reading and counting, and eye-hand coordination. The children also boosted their verbal communication and had a healthy competition. In addition, the players can also practice various skills of playing carom board. We bring you the Best Carrom Board Brand In India.

  • JD Sports Carrom Boards
  • Korners Sky Carrom Boards
  • Stag Carrom Boards
  • Vinex Carrom Boards
  • Surco Carrom Board
  • Uber Carrom Boards
  • Synco Carrom Boards
  • Precise Carrom Boards

JD Sports Carrom Boards:

Indian leading producers of carom board are the JD sports. The products include several models of carrom board. However, the board has wooden and ich. Therefore, JD sports also produces carom boards for beginning children. They offer the product in different sizes such as 32-inch, 42-inch, 52-inch, and many more.

Therefore, the cost varies according to the size and model of the board. In addition, the average cost of the board is from Rs. 700 to Rs. 4000. The boards have excellent quality according to their prices. These boards are made up of good quality material. Many players gave good reviews about the carom board. So, the users can go for it if they are looking for a reasonable and good quality carom board.

Korners Sky Carrom Boards:

Korners Sky is one type of carom established in 1974. The Korners brand delivers the best quality carom boards to the market. Although with having the reasonable prices. Therefore, the size of the carom board is tiny, medium, and even large. The brand offered a smooth surface of the board and had a significant rebound. The players can buy the carom to enjoy their quality time with their friends and family. However, the brand delivered the carom boards in high quality and a very reasonable prices.

Stag Carrom Boards:

The Stag brand is one of the frequent purchase brands of carom board. However, this brand is cost-effective and produces high-quality material. They produce several types of carom boards for casual play and even though for clubs players. Therefore, they also sell coins, carom stands, and powder for their customers. However, the price of Stag Carrom Board varies from Rs 2400 to 6500.

Vinex Carrom Boards:

The top manufacturers of carom boards in India are Vnex Carrom boards. They sold their products globally. Even though the company renowned their quality of sports equipment and gears. The company has many outlets that work globally, and it was established in 1957. Many players purchase their professional carom board from the Vinex Carrom Board because of their reasonable prices and smooth texture. Their carom cost has a range of 1000 to 9000.

Surco Carrom Board:

Surco Carrom Board is the most popular brand of carom in India. However, Surco is one of the largest exporters and well-known carrom brand. Therefore, the company has the International carrom Federation recommendation. In addition, all age group people can play carom boards. This brand presents boards that not only sell in India but also buy in more than 30 countries. The Surco Carrom Board Price In India lies between Rs. 4,500 to Rs. 55,000.

Uber Carrom Boards:

One of the best carrom board companies in India is Uber Carrom Board. However, uber sell their products globally, and therefore, the company has many outlets in different countries. Uber is the most popular brand that provides excellent quality products. Moreover, many users buy the carrom board and accessories such as carrom powder because of their superior quality, smooth texture, and reasonable prices. The carrom board available in price between Rs. 2000 to Rs. 8000.

Synco Carrom Boards:

Synco is selling Carrom brands in India. However, they also manufacture worth boards. Therefore, Synco provides quality play board, carrom powders, carrom coins, and many other items for their valuable customers. Synco carrom board brand supply their products for the Indian carrom team. The Synco Carrom Board Price In India starts from Rs. 3,299 to Rs. 13,500.

Precise Carrom Boards:

Precise company is one of biggest exporters of carom boards. However, they produce smooth boards for their customers. Whenever the players buy this brand’s carrom board, they see several boards such as Monitor, Jumbo, Amature, Deluxe, and Champion. The brand price depends on the size and model of the board that customers choose. The Precise Carrom Board Price In India starts from Rs 2,800